deception for power and profit

What you don’t know – about what you think you do

Table of Contents

Part 1


  • Dysfunctional Democracy
  • Tweedledum or Tweedledee
  • Keeping Up Appearances
  • The Influence Industry
  • Paved with Good Intentions
  • Politics – So What?


  • Not-So-Funny Money
  • Free Banking – At a Price
  • Taxpayers Endangered Species
  • Economists Astrologers in Suits
  • Markets – The Big Casino 
  • Money – So What?


  • Antigravity Economics
  • The Permanent Growth Illusion
  • Commercial Addiction Peddling
  • What’s Ours is Mine
  • Saville RowTailored Taxes 
  • So What? Our Journey Continues

Part 3


  • The Tree of Knowledge
  • Weapons of Mass Seduction
  • Fit to Print
  • Manufacturing Perception
  • Social Mobility and Meritocracy
  • Disinformation – So What?


  • Cogito ergo sum
  • The illusion of Explanatory Depth
  • The Conspiracy Conspiracy
  • Goose and Gander Sauce
  • The Paradox of Intractable Recovery
  • Mind Games – So what?


  • Learning to Think, Bothering to Care
  • Time to get your R’s Upgraded
  • Do not go gently future proofing
  • Rudimentary change 
  • Cleaning the Augean Stables
  • Now what? 

Modern society is full of hidden deceits

Not just crazy conspiracy theories. There’s plenty of proof of real deception and corruption keeping those in power prosperous.

Some people go through life without questioning what goes on around them or about the systems to which they contribute. Others have suspicions about certain topics and events, but fear being labelled as crazy or paranoid. However, some questionable activity is not simply a conspiracy theory – there are real deceptions which may be exposed with some research. Many things we take for granted are more wickedly complex than we realize.

 Don’t feel bad if you don’t notice something is off – these tricks are masterfully spun to purposely deceive you. Behind the scenes in our society are teams of people trained to fox the public and lull them into a false sense of security. Keeping unpalatable things hidden allows those in power to stay that way, swelling their wealth, while simultaneously making it difficult for outsiders to join their exclusive and prosperous club.

 It’s time to learn What You Don’t Know About What You Think You Do. The information in this book will confirm suspicions and open your eyes to others you never even considered before.

Discover how gerrymandering undermines democracy. Find out why free banking isn’t really free. Understand how organized religion and multinationals use recruitment tactics and why even sometimes the smartest people buy into fake news. Discover how conflict is deliberately promoted  and how justice is routinely postponed and manipulated until it is no longer an option. Author Peter de Pradines, in What You Don’t Know About What You Think You Do, will take you through these hidden ruses and a whole lot more.

What They’re Saying

Beta Reader’s Comments

A concise, confident book; pacy, clever and entertaining … if you still have any illusions about the wonders of liberated capitalism, this book will certainly cure you.

David Shaftsbury

MBA Student Cambridge

If you want to know why international crooks and their eminently respectable financial advisors walk tall and only the little people pay taxes, read this.

Justin Thyme

Herbalist, Herb Active

A challenge to government, banks, law firms and professional services companies for their role in facilitating a system that robs the poor and threatens security.

Kathleen Godden

Book Publisher & Editor

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